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DIN Cast /Ductile Iron Bellow Globe Valve WJ41H-16

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DIN Cast /Ductile Iron Bellow Globe Valve WJ41H-16
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Chi tiết sản phẩm DIN Cast /Ductile Iron Bellow Globe Valve WJ41H-16

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WJ41H-16


Structure:Through Way Globe Valve


Stem Thread Position:Outside Screw Stem Globe Valve




Sealing Form:Bellows Globe Valve


Application:Bellows Globe Valve


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Plywood Case


Standard:CE. API, GOST, BS, DIN, JIS


Origin:Hebei China


HS Code:84818040


Production Capacity:80000t/Year


DIN Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

Bellow Sealed Globe valve acc. To DIN is applicable to the cutting and connection of pipelines medium that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, electric power industry etc under nominal pressure of PN1.6~16MPa and working temperature of -29-350 C

Bellow Sealed Globe Valve Features

1. This product has logical structure, reliable seal, excellent performance and nice design.
2. The seal surface is build-up welding with Co hard alloy, which is attrition-resistant, corrosion-resistant, has good friction resistant and long life.
3. The stem is quenched and tempered and its surface is treated by nitriding treatment, thus it has good corrosion resistant and friction resistant.
4. It has double seal capability, thus it is more reliable.
5. The stem may show the position of lift, thus it is clearer.
6. The part material, flange and butt weld end dimension may be selected acc. To current operating condition and users requirement, so that meet the requirements of various engineering.

Bellow Sealed Globe Valve Standard
1. Structural information: BB-BG-OS&Y
2. Driving manner: Hand/Electric-actuator
3. Design standard: EN13709
4. Face to face: DIN 3202, EN558-1
5. Flange ends: DIN2543-2545, EN1092-1
6. Test & inspection: DIN3230, EN12266

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